Title Math with Mrs. Dearth

As the Title One instructor my goal is to support the math teachers and be a resource for students that find certain math concepts extra challenging.  By communicatiing with the math teachers, working individually, and in small groups with students I hope to reach my goal.
Grade Level Topics for April and May
3rd Grade - Find the missing digits, fact families, place value, work with money.  Exploring spuares and area relationships.  Shapes and attributes.  Examine line relationships and fractions.   Subtraction, and multiplication facts.
4th Grade - Add and subtract 4 digit numbers.  Explore fact families.  Explore factors and multiples.   Geometric shapes and their attributes.  Explore coordinate grids.  Multiplication Facts
5th Grade - Estimation and Multiplication of decimals and larger numbers, examine equivalent fractions, working with money.  Finding patterns and rules to complete.  Using the formula for volume to solve word problems.  Practice multiplication and division facts.
6th Grade - Multi step word problems involving percentages and cost of items.  Explore order of operations.   Multiplication and division facts review.
7th Grade -    Examine order of operations.  Explore multi step word problems dealing with percentages.   Multiplication and division facts review.
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