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Kindergarten Registration Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten Registration Information We are looking for our little wildcats...    Read More >
Rural STEM Collaborative HSTW Ohio Network Recipient of the Battelle Army Education Outreach Program (AEOP) Strategic Outreach Grant

HSTW Ohio Network, a not for profit organization supporting High Schools That Work (HSTW) and Making Middle Grades Work (MMGW), is the recipient of the Army Education Outreach Program (AEOP) Renewal Strategic Outreach Grant managed by Battelle. This grant will support the Rural STEM Collaborative (RSC) of Black River, Mapleton, New London, Northwestern, and Wellington School Districts.

  Read More >
Healthy Students Learn Better and School Nurses Make it Happen School Nurse
Over the past 2 years our district has cultivated and developed a relationship with University Hospital Samaritan Health Center in Ashland.  Through this partnership, we were able to add a full time athletic trainer for our students.  The relationship with UH-SHC will expand further in August to include a Registered Nurse with a School Nursing License.  Read More >
Box Tops for Education Box Tops for Education

Support Our School with Box Tops for Education!

  Read More >
New Rules Impacting Student Attendance New Rules Impacting Student Attendance
Due to a recent change in Ohio Law, the Ohio Department of Education has released new rules impacting student attendance and truancy.  Read More >
Parking Permit High School Parking Permits
Register for your 2018-2019 High School Parking Permits online!  Read More >
Tumble Books TumbleBook Library Available to New London Students
Thanks to a partnership with New London Public Library, online book resources are available to all New London students.  Read More >
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Board of Education Meeting
Monday, February 18, 2019
Junior ACT
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
MS Assembly
Thursday, February 21, 2019

Scholarship Applications Listing

Adobe reader is required for viewing applications. Get the latest version. 

Scholarship Amount Due Date  Requirements 
Allen Randleman Memorial $500 April 52.0 GPA/Earn 1 Varsity Letter / 2 different sports
Altar-Rosary Society Scholarship $200 April 5 Member of Our Lady of Lourdes Church/Essay
American Legion Auxiliary$500 April 1Essay / may require interview
Beverly M. Finkel Memorial $200 April 53.0 GPA/Education, Foreign Lang, Social Studies Major (preferred) 
Bob Hardy Memorial $500 April 52.5 GPA/3 years Band and/or Chorus/Essay
Cecil & Jennirose Marett Memorial$250 April 52.5-3.0 GPA/ Education Major (Elementary preferred)
Claude & Grace Reid Memorial$500 April 5No specifications
Dean Gray Memorial Scholarship$200 April 52.5 GPA/Clarksfield Twp. Resident/Varsity letter in 2 or more sports
DEM Scholarship (Developing Evolving Mastering)$250 April 53.0 GPA/1 extracurricular activity/5 hours community service
Dick & Larry Walton Memorial$1000 April 5Participation 2 years in New London Little League
Donald and Marian Stoll  $500 April 153.0 GPA/Music, Special Education or Agriculture
Father Duffy Memorial $500 April 5School & community involvement
FFA Scholarshipup to $500 April 1Active member & completed application
Firelands Electric Cooperative$500/$1500 TBAApplication determined by Co-op & guidance department
Fitchville Conservation League$500 April 52.5 GPA/Natural Resources Major/preferred
Fitchville Methodist Church $200 April 5Member of Fitchville United Methodist Church/2 years
Floyd & Gladys Chase Memorial Scholarship$600 April 5Elementary Major or Pastoral Degree /Could be awarded to a graduating senior or college student
Franklin & DeLaurice Cooke $1000 April 2 
Glen & Ruth Jennings MemorialInt. on $10,000April 5Member of Fitchville United Meth. Church/application available at church 
The Harold E. & Joan Bailey Memorial
 $250April 5No specific major required / 2.5 GPA
Harry Delapp Memorial$250/$500 Fall SelectionSenior Football Player/Awarded in the Fall/no application
Henry Parnell Memorial Scholarship
Int. on $10,000
April 5Journalism preferred/others considered/could be awarded to a graduating senior or a college student
James D. Kirkpatrick MemorialInt. on $50,000
April 5No specifications/Could be awarded to a graduating senior or college student who may have attended or graduated from New London 
Janet L. Thomas Memorial
$500April 5Female/Elementary Ed. or Library Science Major/Essay
John Sutherland Memorial 
$500TBASpecifications set by the family.No Application
K. E. (Big Daddy Rock) Laborie Educational
$500April 52.5 GPA/ Education Major (preferred)
King B. & Jean Rowland Memorial$300April 5Student in Tech program or Ehove student
Doug & Sandy Knudsen Memorial $500 April 5 Graduating Senior or recent Alumni
Marshall & Oswilla Price Memorial
Int. on $10,000
April 52.5 GPA/Business Major
Martha Mae Wert Rivers Memorial
$200/$2000 *
April 52.75 GPA/Resident of Fitchville Township
Medical Mutual of Ohio$500
April 5 Academic achievement and economic need/scholarship application can be found at:
New London High School Alumni
April 5Parent(s) must be New London graduate(s)
New London Athletic Boosters Club
 April 52 Varsity letters in 2 different sports
New London Eagles Club Scholarship
TBASpecifications set by club members/no application
New London Education Association
April 5 3.0 GPA/Education Major (preferred)
New London Knights of Columbus
$300April 5Member of Our Lady of Lourdes Church/Essay
New London United Methodist Church
Int. on $15,000
April 5Member of Church/graduating senior
New London United Methodist Church (Grace)
TBAMember of Church/African-American/application at church
 OAPSE$100April 5Vocational or technical college /3.0 GPA
Norman W. Pheifer Memorial
$200April 52.5 GPA/2 varsity letters / 2 different sports
Proceeds Corporation
$1500 *
Mar 313.0 GPA/Health related field of study
Ruth & Raymond Vietzen Memorial
Int. on $10,000
April 5
3.0 GPA/History or Music Major (preferred)
Sgt. Patrick Ryan Carroll Memorial
$300April 52.5 GPA/Essay
SLBM Scholarship
$250April 52.0/3.0 GPA/Elementary Education or Business Finance Major
Sutton Bank
$500 *
May 13.3 GPA/Business/Finance Major
The American Red Cross Scholarship $200/$500 TBA 
Determined after Blood Drive/no application
Selection made by National Honor Society 
The Class of '71 Memorial Scholarship
$100 / $250
April 52.5 GPA/School & community involvement & need
The Class of '74 Memorial Scholarship
April 53.0 GPA, No specific field of study required
The Class of 1968 Memorial Scholarship
$250April 5No specifications
The Hawthorne Foundation Educational Scholarship
$500March 1Health Related Field/2.0 GPA or higher
The Laurels of New London Scholarship (Nursing Center)
April 5 3.5 / Medical field of study

Wildcat Scholar Scholarship
April 5Academics / Athletics
Thomas Family Scholarships
April 5No specifications
Vernon & Mabel Reddick
Int. on $35,000 *
April 5 (awarded every 4 years)No specifications / Awarded every 4 years
(2020) next presentation
Willis M. Erswell
Int. on $10,000
April 5Elementary Education Major
Scholarships Awarded to Alumni Attending College 
 K. E. (Big Daddy Rock) Laborie Educational  $500April 5  2.5 GPA/ Education Major (preferred)
Donald and Marian Stoll
April 53.0 GPA/Music, Special education, or Agriculture
Erlenbach Family Scholarship
$1000April 5Enrolled in 3rd year of college, 2.5 GPA, essay required recipient may reapply for senior year of college
Floyd & Gladys Chase Memorial
$600April 5Elementary major or Pastoral Degree / Could be awarded to a graduating senior or college student
Harold & Joan Bailey Memorial$250
 April 5No specific major required / 2.5 GPA
Henry Parnell Memorial  Int. on $10,000
April 5Journalism preferred/others considered/ could be awarded to a graduating senior or a college student
James D. Kirkpatrick
Int. on $50,000
April 5No specifications / Could be awarded to a graduating senior or college student who may have attended or graduated from New London.
John & Zella Jacque (NLUMC)Int. on $25,000
April 5Member of New London United Methodist Church attending college
John L. McGowan Memorial 
$250 April 5 2.5 GPA/Must have completed freshman year of college by the end of spring quarter/semester of current year
John Sutherland Memorial     $500 TBA Specifications set by the family/no application.
 Doug & Sandy Knudsen Memorial $500 April 5 attending highschool grade or recent Alumni
Masonic Lodge$700
April 5 Completed Sophomore year of College
New London Eagles Club Scholarship
TBASpecifications set by club members/no application
New London Rotary Club Scholarship
$500 April 5 3.0 GPA/Completed Freshman year of College
New London Ruritan Scholarship
$600 March 7 Essay/college/community/work experiences
Wildcat Alumni Scholar Scholarship    $500/$2,000 April 5 Specifications set by donor.
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