Scholarship Applications Listing

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Scholarship Amount Due Date  Requirements 
Allen Randleman Memorial $500 April 52.0 GPA/Earn 1 Varsity Letter / 2 different sports
Altar-Rosary Society Scholarship $200 April 5 Member of Our Lady of Lourdes Church/Essay
American Legion Auxiliary$500 April 1Essay / may require interview
 Anne Marie (Von Kamp) Parsons Memorial Scholarship $500 April 1 Essay
Beverly M. Finkel Memorial $200 April 53.0 GPA/Education, Foreign Lang, Social Studies Major (preferred) 
Bob Hardy Memorial $500 April 52.5 GPA/3 years Band and/or Chorus/Essay
Cecil & Jennirose Marett Memorial$250 April 52.5-3.0 GPA/ Education Major (Elementary preferred)
Claude & Grace Reid Memorial$500 April 5No specifications
Dean Gray Memorial Scholarship$200 April 52.5 GPA/Clarksfield Twp. Resident/Varsity letter in 2 or more sports
DEM Scholarship (Developing Evolving Mastering)$250 April 53.0 GPA/1 extracurricular activity/5 hours community service
Donald and Marian Stoll  $500 April 153.0 GPA/Music, Special Education or Agriculture
Father Duffy Memorial $500 April 5School & community involvement
FFA Scholarshipup to $500 April 1Active member & completed application
Firelands Electric Cooperative$500/$1500 TBAApplication determined by Co-op & guidance department
Fitchville Conservation League$500 April 52.5 GPA/Natural Resources Major/preferred
Fitchville Methodist Church $200 April 5Member of Fitchville United Methodist Church/2 years
Floyd & Gladys Chase Memorial Scholarship$600 April 5Elementary Major or Pastoral Degree /Could be awarded to a graduating senior or college student
Franklin & DeLaurice Cooke $1000 April 2 
Glen & Ruth Jennings MemorialInt. on $10,000April 5Member of Fitchville United Meth. Church/application available at church 
The Harold E. & Joan Bailey Memorial 
 $250April 5No specific major required / 2.5 GPA
Harry Delapp Memorial$250/$500 Fall SelectionSenior Football Player/Awarded in the Fall/no application
Henry Parnell Memorial Scholarship
Int. on $10,000
April 5Journalism preferred/others considered/could be awarded to a graduating senior or a college student
James D. Kirkpatrick MemorialInt. on $50,000
April 5No specifications/Could be awarded to a graduating senior or college student who may have attended or graduated from New London 
Janet L. Thomas Memorial 
$500April 5Female/Elementary Ed. or Library Science Major/Essay
 Janotta & Herner Summer Internship & Scholarship $1,000March15 Degree in Architectural, Engineering, or Construction Management related fields.  3.0 GPA
John Sutherland Memorial 
$500TBASpecifications set by the family.No Application
 John Marett Memorial $250 April 5 2.5 GPA; Preferrence to Socal Worker
K. E. (Big Daddy Rock) Laborie Educational 
$500April 52.5 GPA/ Education Major (preferred)
King B. & Jean Rowland Memorial$300April 5Student in Tech program or Ehove student
Doug & Sandy Knudsen Memorial $500 April 5 Graduating Senior or recent Alumni
Marshall & Oswilla Price Memorial
Int. on $10,000
April 52.5 GPA/Business Major
Martha Mae Wert Rivers Memorial
$200/$2000 *
April 52.75 GPA/Resident of Fitchville Township
Medical Mutual of Ohio$500
April 5 Academic achievement and economic need/scholarship application can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/MedicalMutual17
New London High School Alumni
April 5Parent(s) must be New London graduate(s)
New London Athletic Boosters Club
 April 52 Varsity letters in 2 different sports
New London Eagles Club Scholarship
TBASpecifications set by club members/no application
New London Education Association
April 5 3.0 GPA/Education Major (preferred)
New London Knights of Columbus
$300April 5Member of Our Lady of Lourdes Church/Essay
New London United Methodist Church 
Int. on $15,000
April 5Member of Church/graduating senior
New London United Methodist Church (Grace)
TBAMember of Church/African-American/application at church
 OAPSE$100April 5Vocational or technical college /3.0 GPA
Norman W. Pheifer Memorial
$200April 52.5 GPA/2 varsity letters / 2 different sports
Proceeds Corporation
$1500 *
Mar 313.0 GPA/Health related field of study
Ruth & Raymond Vietzen Memorial
Int. on $10,000
April 5
3.0 GPA/History or Music Major (preferred)
Sgt. Patrick Ryan Carroll Memorial
$300April 52.5 GPA/Essay
SLBM Scholarship
$250April 52.0/3.0 GPA/Elementary Education or Business Finance Major
Sutton Bank
$500 *
May 13.3 GPA/Business/Finance Major
The American Red Cross Scholarship $200/$500 TBA 
Determined after Blood Drive/no application
Selection made by National Honor Society 
The Class of '71 Memorial Scholarship
$100 / $250
April 52.5 GPA/School & community involvement & need
The Class of '74 Memorial Scholarship
April 53.0 GPA, No specific field of study required
The Class of 1968 Memorial Scholarship
$250April 5No specifications
The Hawthorne Foundation Educational Scholarship
$500March 1Health Related Field/2.0 GPA or higher
The Laurels of New London Scholarship (Nursing Center)
April 5 3.5 / Medical field of study

Wildcat Scholar Scholarship
April 5Academics / Athletics
Thomas Family Scholarships
April 5No specifications
Vernon & Mabel Reddick 
Int. on $35,000 *
April 5 (awarded every 4 years)No specifications / Awarded every 4 years
(2020) next presentation
Willis M. Erswell 
Int. on $10,000
April 5Elementary Education Major
Scholarships Awarded to Alumni Attending College 
 K. E. (Big Daddy Rock) Laborie Educational  $500April 5  2.5 GPA/ Education Major (preferred)
Donald and Marian Stoll
April 53.0 GPA/Music, Special education, or Agriculture
Erlenbach Family Scholarship
$1000April 5Enrolled in 3rd year of college, 2.5 GPA, essay required recipient may reapply for senior year of college
Floyd & Gladys Chase Memorial
$600April 5Elementary major or Pastoral Degree / Could be awarded to a graduating senior or college student
Harold & Joan Bailey Memorial$250
 April 5No specific major required / 2.5 GPA
Henry Parnell Memorial  Int. on $10,000
April 5Journalism preferred/others considered/ could be awarded to a graduating senior or a college student
James D. Kirkpatrick 
Int. on $50,000
April 5No specifications / Could be awarded to a graduating senior or college student who may have attended or graduated from New London.
John & Zella Jacque (NLUMC)Int. on $25,000
April 5Member of New London United Methodist Church attending college
John L. McGowan Memorial 
$250 April 5 2.5 GPA/Must have completed freshman year of college by the end of spring quarter/semester of current year
John Sutherland Memorial     $500 TBA Specifications set by the family/no application.
 Doug & Sandy Knudsen Memorial $500 April 5 attending highschool grade or recent Alumni
Masonic Lodge$700
April 5 Completed Sophomore year of College
New London Eagles Club Scholarship
TBASpecifications set by club members/no application
New London Rotary Club Scholarship
$500 April 5 3.0 GPA/Completed Freshman year of College
New London Ruritan Scholarship
$600 March 7 Essay/college/community/work experiences
Wildcat Alumni Scholar Scholarship    $500/$2,000 April 5 Specifications set by donor.
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