School Nurse

Over the past 2 years our district has cultivated and developed a relationship with University Hospital Samaritan Health Center in Ashland.  Through this partnership, we were able to add a full time athletic trainer for our students.  The relationship with UH-SHC will expand further iin August.

 Through a collaborative, shared cost model, UH-SHC will provide a certified Registered Nurse with a School Nursing license on site to provide clinical services Monday through Friday next year.  Amongst other services, the school nurse will provide:

= Health assessments including:

Health and developmental history

Vision, hearing, growth, & scoliosis screening and evaluation

Developmental & health patterns in making a nursing assessment & nursing diagnosis

Identifying health findings, which do not fall within the normal range

= Develop and implement health plans including:

Interpreting to school personnel the health status of pupils

Initiating referrals to parents, school personnel, and community health resources for intervention, remediation, and follow through

Providing ongoing health information to pupils, parents, school personnel, and health agencies.

= Participate as the health specialist on the Student Education Evaluation Team to develop individualized educational plans (IEP)

= Plan and implement school health management protocols for the students with chronic health problems.

= Coordinate school and community health activities and serve as a liaison person between the home, School District, and community.

= Plan and implement school health management protocols for the students with chronic health problems including the administering of medicine

= Develop procedures and provide for crisis intervention for acute illness, injury, and emotional disturbances

= Promote and assist in the control of communicable disease through preventative immunization programs, early detection, surveillance, and reporting contagious disease

 Again, this is not a comprehensive list of services that will be provided to our students and school community, but the benefits are significant.

New London Local Schools is dedicated to the children of our community.  This year we added Dept. Cawrse and the DARE program through a partnership with the Huron County Sheriff’s Office and Officer Jacobson from the NLPD to provide greater security for our students, staff, and overall learning community.  We started drug testing our students as a means to combat the drug epidemic in our region. We also added Family Life Counseling to provide additional mental health services for our school, and through their clinical licensing program, New London Local Schools is one of only two school in our nation with fully credentialed mental health services available to its students and community.  Additionally, we continued the Mobile Dentist program for our students that provide low cost dental care.

 We know that if students are concerned about their safety, suffering from mental health issues, or have chronic illness or are in poor physical health learning becomes very difficult.  The expansion of the non-academic services that we provide our students to include nursing will have a positive impact on attendance, achievement, and the overall performance of our students.

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