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Blizzard Bag #1

General Business

Report on current economic conditions-National or Global

Search any media outlet (Internet, magazine, newspaper) for an article concerning the national or global economy. Atricles should be from within the last two weeks. Write a report of at least 150 words detailing the situations discussed in the article and include your opinion on the situation.

Accounting I & II


Write 10 transactions that happen at a local business from the perspective of the business. Include account titles and identify the debited and credited accounts.

Keyboarding 7

Keyboarding Online

Complete the next lesson in Keyboarding Online. For example, if you are on line 5 Lesson 6, you should comlete through line 5 Lesson 7.

Microsoft Office 8

Keyboarding Oline

Complete  Lesson 25 in Keyboarding Online.