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This week we are continuing to work with addition.  Students will add three and four digit numbers and practice problem-solving.  There is a test scheduled for Thursday, October 1st on Chapter 2.    I have been sending  home the “My Homework” workbook pages for students to use as review or to save to study for their test on the chapter.  I do not need them sent back to school.  

The homework (Week #5) was sent home today (9/25).  It will be due on Friday,October 2nd.  Students also need to spend 5 minutes for 5 days practicing their addition facts.

*Students are bringing home a paper that describes a math program that we have begun to use in class.  They are also able to access it at home.  I will add any parent emails that I have from the parent surveys at the beginning of the year.  You will then receive notification on accomplishments your child achieves while working on the program. - Lessons to support classwork: B.1, B.2, B.3, C.1, C.3, C.9, M.1, M.2

Title One Math- At this time, we are no longer receiving Title 1 services in third grade.