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Hamilton's Happenings 3/31/14

Mrs. Hamilton’s Kindergarten Class

Week 3/31/14


Language Arts-   We are starting our unit on Oviparous Animals (animals that are hatched).  In addition we will be reading different genres -- poetry, as well as nursery rhymes next week.  We are in Unit 4 of our phonics program.  This unit introduces digraphs (two letters that make one sound like ‘sh, ch, ck, wh, th’, sounding out words, word families (he, she, me, be, etc.) and fluency in reading.  The handouts give good tips in helping your child with these.

Math-  We will be reviewing graphing, addition and subtraction, counting by 10;s and 5’s to 100, and 3-D shapes -- cones, cubes, rectangular prisms, pyramids, hexagonal prisms, spheres.  We are beginning to learn odd/even numbers and skip counting by 2’s. We will also be introducing fractions -- the concept of ½, probability, and quarters.

Coming Events… Specials...

2nd BLIZZARD BAG DUE - 4/3/14

(these are counted as make-up day).

We will have a 3rd Blizzard Bag assignment

soon to complete.  Then all our make-up

days will be done barring any other

inclement weather.

Easter Break -

Spring Program - May 29th

Mondays - Gym - Mr. Vorhies (wear tennis shoes) and Music - Mr. Durigg

Tuesdays - Library - Mrs. Gregory

Wednesdays - Music - Mr. Durigg and Gym

Mr. Vorhies - wear tennis shoes

Thursdays - Art - Mrs. Guerin

Fridays - rotates -- Library (4/4/14)


Hope you all had a nice spring break -- even though it was chilly!  Thanks for all your help with the research projects on ocean animals.  This helps the children start to think about where they can find information about things, and how to put answers in a report.   We will have some more research projects to complete, but are done with the monthly parent projects for the year!

(The leprechaun traps and rainbows were really fun and lots of older students and teachers commented on the projects!)

I have started a website for our class.  You can access it by going to the New London Home Page, clicking on Students, then Elementary, then my name.  I am hoping to keep it up-to-date but give me a little grace, as it is my first time at trying this. Thanks!

Your can reach me at: