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New London Telehealth Program

School-Based Telehealth Now Available


New London is bringing nationally ranked pediatric care to its students

School-Based Telehealth allows University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's clinicians to provide services to New London students & staff. PSI, the Official School Health Services Partner of UH Rainbow, facilitates the on-site visit, connecting students & staff to the health care provider. 

What is a School-Based Telehealth Center?

A School-Based Telehealth Center allows PSI & University Hospitals to bring healthcare services, that would traditionally take place in a medical office, to school.

Who participates in a School-Based Telehealth visit?

Individuals, such as the PSI District Nurse, the UH Medical Provider, the student, and the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) will participate.

Who makes the determination if a Telehealth visit is justified for a student?

The PSI District Nurse conducts a brief triage to determine if the patient qualifies for a Telehealth visit according to UH and District approved protocols. Only students with signed parent/guardian consent and authorization form will see a UH Medical Provider.

How does the medical provider interact with my child?

A medical provider from University Hospitals examines your child with the assistance of the PSI school health team. Computers and monitors are used so that patient and providers can see each other, talk clearly, and share information. At times special equipment, known as peripheral devices, like an electronic otoscope, are used to assist providers in assessment & diagnosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give consent for participation in the School-Based Telehealth center?

Sign the Consent and Authorization Form found at this link and provide it to the school health office.  

How does a parent/guardian join a virtual care visit?

A link will be sent to the parent/guardian by the school nurse via phone or email.

What if a parent is unable to join the virtual care visit?

The visit can still take place with your approval/consent.

How do I obtain a summary of the visit?

Follow My Health registrants will have access to visit summaries:

Parent/guardian info link:

What if a referral is needed? 

Information will be provided regarding the treatment plan to the parent/guardian on the virtual visit as well as provided in the visit summary.

Can a student still see the school nurse, if needed, without it becoming a virtual care visit?

Yes, students still have access to school nursing services. Parents/guardians will be notified and given the option for a virtual care visit if the students clinical presentation is appropriate for a virtual care visit.

What if a parent/guardian wants to speak to the virtual provider at a later time? 

Similar to in person urgent care visits and the nature of urgent care staffing models, the same provider may not be available at a later time. The virtual visit summary is available through a Follow My Health Account. 

How is the virtual visit paid for?  

During the pilot phase of the program, the virtual visit fee of $49.00 is waived for New London School District students and staff during school hours.
(Pilot phase is expected through March of 2023, District & Families will be notified of the conclusion of this phase.)

If a parent/guardian is not interested in Telehealth/virtual urgent care services now but changes their mind later in the school year can a student still have access to this service?

Yes, a parent/guardian can decide at any point in the school year to have access to virtual urgent care services through the School-Based Telehealth center by completing the Consent and Authorization Form.

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