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New London's Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement

It is the goal of the New London School District to provide an effective, data-driven, differentiated, educational structure that is reliant upon evidence-based practices aligned to the Science of Reading. Our District Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan, Professional Development Plan, Assessment Plan, Response to Intervention, and Step Up to Quality are all aligned to one another and have been aligned to Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement. Literacy skills lay the foundation upon which every individual’s education rests. When a learner receives the necessary tools to develop strong language and literacy skills, he or she becomes able to achieve personal autonomy and pursue aspirations. Ohio is committed to supporting an education system that prioritizes the language and literacy development of all learners in keeping with its overarching strategic plan for education, Each Child, Our Future. That plan promotes the importance of early learning and expanding access to quality early learning experiences. Further, it calls for Ohio and its schools to develop literacy skills in all age groups, grades and subjects. New London is committed to actively promoting language and literacy development for ALL students! Click here to read:  Ohio's Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement 

Ohio's Learning Standards by Content Area

Mathematics                           Technology
Science                                      Early Learning and Development
Social Studies                           Social and Emotional
Physical Education                 Financial Literacy

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