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New London

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Strategic Plan Goal #1

Deliver consistent and timely communications to all district employees to ensure the accurate flow of information. Develop an engaging and tactically diverse communications strategy that values methodic approaches to actively engage all community stakeholders. Create a comprehensive system of communications options, which consistently promotes the districts’ vision, mission, brand and core values.
  • Develop clear systems and expectations for all forms of internal staff­ communication; enhance methods and frequency of internal communications to ensure all employees are knowledgeable and informed; define protocol for emergency communication with district staff­ during and outside of school hours.
  • Foster, grow and promote relationships and collaborative partnerships while serving as a central community hub; team with district support organizations, civic/service organizations, local businesses and other community-based groups to sponsor student internships and mentoring programs.
  • Establish a comprehensive external communications program to ensure timely and consistent two-way engagement; utilize stakeholder data to determine the most effective channels for engagement; redesign district website; create consistent teacher communication expectations with district families.
  • Design an effective system for alumni outreach and engagement; utilize alumni connectivity to positively impact student opportunities, programming and achievement; create opportunities for alumni to return to the New London campus.
  • Define and establish the New London Local Schools brand by communicating impactful district success stories at regular intervals; create a brand ambassadors’ program and engagement strategy to earn and deepen community trust.

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