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New London

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Strategic Plan Goal #5

Provide a comprehensive academic program that aims to satisfy the unique needs of every learner. Prepare students for the 21st century by embracing and infusing essential (life) skills into daily activities. Support students with a well- rounded curriculum and course offerings.

  • Ensure equitable access to a rigorous and relevant core curriculum across all disciplines that prepares students for career and college readiness; purposefully communicate a culture of high academic expectations; advance district performance on mandated state testing. 
  • Provide continuing professional development opportunities aimed at advancing traditional teaching practices; establish district-wide standards for best-practice instructional methods; effectively utilize technology as a transformative creation tool. 
  • Create a district learner profile, which describes and assigns student competencies/skills that are most essential for success in a 21st century economy; purposefully embed essential life skills into daily curriculum.
  • Enhance targeted academic resources for student subgroups including gifted and special needs learners; develop additional programming options to meet the needs of diverse leaners. 
  • Perform an internal audit of student programming, including course track options, specials, electives, remedial and advanced tracks and special education; ensure student programming options are current and focus on best practices for student engagement and learning. 

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