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New London

Local Schools


Strategic Plan Goal #3

Embrace an atmosphere that is accepting and respectful to all students, families, community members and visitors. Promote a positive culture through purposeful dialogue while valuing inclusion and diverse perspectives. Provide mental health and wellness resources to students and families in need.
  • Identify systems, processes and policies to increase student ease and access to school counselors and mental health professionals; consistently promote available resources to students and parents.
  • Develop a district taskforce to study extreme student behaviors and their impact on classroom practice; examine positive behavior models and social-emotional best practice resources to develop district staff K-12; review district anti-bullying policies and practices.
  • Establish an atmosphere that respects, embraces and responds to di­fferences in individuals and marginalized groups; embrace local and regional resources to promote diversity and global perspectives; encourage conversations to foster a united New London Local Schools.
  • Implement a balanced approach to whole-child development that values high-level achievement in concert with student wellness and social-emotional development.
  • Provide targeted resources and supports to assist students and families during building transitions (Elementary/Middle/HS); implement orientation programs for new students and families.

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