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New London

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Strategic Plan Goal #6

Enhance the quality of district operations through proactive planning and streamlined implementation. Recruit, retain and develop a world-class staff dedicated to serving all students. Create and promote district policies that effectively guide decision-making and management.

  • Perform a Special Education services audit to include programming, personnel and scheduling recommendations.
  • Prioritize district-level initiatives with timelines, benchmarks and completion schedules; engage staff leadership teams in discussions related to major initiatives to define outcomes and determine capacity. 
  • Implement a targeted system of teacher, support staff and substitute teacher recruitment to obtain quality professional staff; create purposeful systems for the development of staff morale and culture-building to retain quality professional staff.
  • Provide targeted professional development opportunities for the advancement of all support staff members; implement support mechanisms to avoid staff member burnout. 
  • Perform a best-practices audit for district operations including maintenance/custodial, food service and transportation; perform department comparative analysis with other like- districts. 

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